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Chas & Dave

100 Hits Legends Boxset

Boxset £9.99

Release Date: 14/12/2009

Discs: 5

DMG have put together this Chas & Dave boxset as part of their successful 100 Hits Legends series which will include material from the boys' albums of the last 30 years, plus non album tracks. The five disc set will also include - for the first time - the Jamboree bag collections with edited medleys (so you can easily skip to your favourite parts).

Disc 1
1. Ain't No Pleasing You
2. Gertcha
3. Halley's Comet
4. Turn That Noise Down
5. The Sideboard Song (Got My Beer In The Sideboard Here)
6. Massage Parlour
7. Beer Belly
8. I Wonder In Whose Arms…
9. Wallop!
10. Stop Dreaming
11. In Your Eyes
12. Bloodshot Eyes Medley
13. They Kept On Rocking
14. Will You Love Me Tomorrow Medley
15. That's What I Like
16. In Sickness And In Health
17. Don't Fence Me In Medley
18. Give It Some Stick, Mick!
19. Bored Stiff
20. We'll Meet Again Medley
Disc 2
1. Snooker Loopy
2. Stars Over 45 Medley
3. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Medley
4. My Melancholy Baby
5. Behave Yourself
6. Two Ol' Girls From Camden Town Medley
7. Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie Medley
8. Sunday
9. England
10. Yesterday's News
11. Even Hitler Had A Mother Medley
12. Bless 'Em All Medley
13. I'm An Airman Medley
14. That Telephone Thing
15. What A Miserable Saturday Night
16. Miss You All The Time
17. How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm Medley
18. Let The People Sing Medley
19. Halfway To Heaven Medley
20. Someday
Disc 3
1. Margate
2. Brother-In-Law
3. London Girls
4. Harry Was A Champion
5. Darlin' I Don't
6. Mustn't Grumble
7. Yakety Yak Medley
8. Anniversary Song Medley
9. I Can Get Along Without You
10. Flying
11. When Days Were Long (But Far Too Short)
12. Exhibition Rag
13. Jumpin' The Lights
14. One Night Medley
15. Hopping Down In Kent Medley
16. Heartbeat Medley
17. Where Am I Gonna Find Ya?
18. I'm Going Back
19. Wish I Could Write A Love Song
20. The White Cliffs Of Dover Medley
Disc 4
1. Rabbit
2. Poor Old Mr. Woogie
3. That Old Piano
4. Treat Me Nice Medley
5. Blueberry Hill Medley
6. Breakfast In Bed Medley
7. I'm Going To Get Lit Up Medley
8. Snake Eyes Bert
9. Give It Gavotte
10. Somebody Stole My Gal Medley
11. Sentimental Journey Medley
12. A Little On The Lonely Side Medley
13. The Clouds Will Soon Roll By Medley
14. Did I Feel A Fool
15. Punchinello
16. Every Little While Medley
17. I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo Medley
18. Diddle Umma Day (Diddlum Song)
19. We're Gonna Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line Medley
20. All Over The Place Medley
Disc 5
1. One Of Them Days
2. No Body
3. Near You Medley
4. The Black Hills Of Dakota Medley
5. Come Round And Hear My Gramophone Medley
6. Hound Dog Medley
7. Roll Over Beethoven
8. Down Where The Swanee River Flows
9. Ain't That A Shame Medley
10. Dream Medley
11. Give It To The Girl Next Door Medley
12. Back In The Soul Days
13. Hard Up And Happy Medley
14. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire Medley
15. The Beer Barrel Polka Medley
16. Hair, Hair, Hair Medley
17. But I Do Medley
18. Ask Old Brown To Tea Medley
19. The Last Time I Saw Paris Medley
20. When They Sound The Last All Clear Medley