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Chas & Dave

Best of Chas & Dave [Music Club]

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Release Date: 21/05/2001

Discs: 1

This compilation, by British, novelty-rock duo Chas & Dave catalogues a career which began in the 1970s. THE BEST OF CHAS 'N' DAVE features rousing songs like "Rabbit" and "Ain't No Pleasing You," which were both top ten hits in the U.K. during the early 1980s.

Disc 1
1. Rabbit
2. The The Sideboard Song (Got My Beer in the Sideboard Here)
3. Poor Old Mr. Woogie
4. Gertcha
5. Turn That Noise Down
6. In Sickness and in Health
7. Massage Parlour
8. Bored Stiff
9. Ain't No Pleasing You
10. Knees Up Mother Brown
11. Margate
12. Skooner Loopy
13. Wallop!
14. Flying
15. Wish I Could Write a Love Song
16. What a Miserable Saturday Night
17. Mustn't Grumble
18. London Girls
19. My Melancholy Baby
20. Stop Dreaming
21. Give It Gavotte
22. I Wonder in Whose Arms
23. That Old Piano
24. Beer Belly