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The Other Side Of Chas & Dave Vinyl

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Release Date: 08/02/2019

Discs: 1

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So what is The Other Side of Chas & Dave? Put simply, it is their marvellous ballads. Not many people know just
how many laid back beautiful songs they have written. Here are a few, with a song-by-song commentary in the
booklet, specially written for this compilation by Chas himself.

Across twenty-one tracks, selected by Chas and Dave themselves, the duo display their fabulous knack of pairing
universal heartfelt sentiments with memorable tunes and performances. Amidst the well-known and lesser-known
songs are gems like “I’m Going Back”, the song used in that wonderful Heathrow Airport Christmas advert with
Granny and Grandpa teddy bears, “Wish I Could Write A Love Song” (they can!), and the perennial favourite (and #
2 hit) “Ain’t No Pleasing You”.